Tattoo Designs For Women - Sexy, Cute and Feminine Tattoos For Women

Tattoo designs for women should be expressive and significant enough to highlight the natural's subtlety and beauty of the female's body. After all, women resort to tattoos to define a part of their personality and exude their charm and sexuality. Therefore, careful planning and forethought should be exerted when planning what tattoo designs to go for.
Whatever tat image a woman go for, it will be forever a definition of a part of her personality. If she wants to express it right, she should get something that has significance and personal meaning to her. Here are some of the most popular and favored tattoo designs that women usually go for.

Fairy and Angel Tattoos

Fairies are fun, mythical creatures that seem to be a symbol for women as being carefree, naughty and free. Their magical powers and fantasy allure not to mention their exquisite appearance are the very reasons why fairy tattoos are very much a favorite tat theme among women. Angels on the other hand are seen as guardians and protectors so they definitely symbolize that notion whenever a woman has it tattooed on her body. The angel wings tattoo, on the other hand are commonly inked on a woman's back and supposedly represent the desire to fly.

 Stars Tattoos

Stars are perhaps one of the oldest symbols and women love them because of their simplicity and flexibility. They can literally be tattooed anywhere on the body and still look great and interesting. They are rendered on the skin either as a lone star, group of stars and the very popular shooting star tattoos.

Flower Tattoos

Flowers are beautiful and perhaps, one of nature's best gift. With their aesthetic appeal and deep symbolical meaning, it is no surprise that they usually end up tattooed on a woman's skin. Some of the most popular floral tats are cherry blossoms, lotus, lilies and roses. For a more tropical flair, Hawaiian flower tattoos like hibiscus, plumeria and orchid are preferred.

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterflies have colorful hues and interesting shapes not to mention the symbolical meaning attached to them. They signify change, transformation and new life which are all aspects in life that women can relate to. The loveliness of the butterfly plus the profound representation they possess made them a classic tattoo design among women.