Tom Arnold Tattoos

Tom Arnold is a successful yet somewhat troubled American actor and comedian, known for his role in a slew of movies, including True Lies and Big Bully. Tom Arnold has four tattoos on his body, which we are aware of.

His tattoos include, a portrait of his former wife Roseanne Barr located on the left side of his chest, along with the Jewish "Star of David" on the right side of his chest. Tom also has a well intentioned Chinese symbol tattoo on his right leg, which was meant to say "Love of Mankind", however he later discovered the tattoos says "Man Love".

He was quoted as saying “I have a tattoo that I thought said Love of Mankind, which I got after the Tiananmen square thing. They said, don’t mention that on Chinese TV. They also told me it actually says Man Love.” And finally, Tom has a large tattoo on his left shoulder which appears to be some flowers of sorts.