Bull Tattoo Symbolism

Symbolic Bull Tattoo Ideas

Bull Symbolism meanings: Provision, Confidence, Fertility, Virility, Charged, Power, Protection, Sacred, Peace, Holy, Provision, Stability, Forceful, Assistance, Grounding, Natural, Assertive, Satisfaction, Comfort

Bulls can convey power, authority and confidence. Or, they can illustrate peace and a deep honor for the sacredness of spirituality.

As a symbol of power and confidence we look to the bull's massive physical stature for these identifications. It is a large animal weighing in around 1000-2500 pounds. There is a clear image of solid,unstoppable assertiveness.

The bull also shares symbolism with the Taurus sign. In this the bull is symbolic of stability, comfort and self-assurance. A Taurus can be stubborn. They know right and wrong in their guts and they will defend their positions just as vehemently as a charging bull does. They will not be swayed.

The bull (or Ox) is also in Chinese astrology and represents attributes like: Loyalty, reliability, strength, steadiness, determination.

Many rodeo pros use the bull to represent their ability to harness raw power as they all straddle and ride the bull for those legendary eight seconds. Bull tattoos also carry a message of "facing down fear" for many bull riders and rodeo pros.

As an ancient archetype, the bull is symbolic of fertility, virility and sexual strength. 

The bull has been honored by ancient cultures at being well endowed and so (from a typically male and very human perspective) honored for its ability to please its mate.

Bulls are also consummate providers for mankind. For example, they've walked with farmers in the agricultural process for centuries - enabling humans to grow and harvest. The bull tattoo can serve as a reminder we can work with nature and our animal kin in order to meet our needs. This aspect of provision is also symbolic of peace, harmony and cooperation. 

Bulls have been labeled the "beasts of burden" taken on tremendous tasks of strength in order to help mankind in our labors. Bulls do this with a stoic nobility. Peacefully providing their power for our benefit. It's no wonder the normally calm-natured animal is held sacred by so many.