Cat Tattoo Symbolism

Cat Tattoo Symbolism

Cat Symbolism Meanings:
Independence, Mystery, Magic, Secretiveness, Feminine/Goddess Energy, Stealthy, Hidden power, Aloofness, Solitude, Companionship, Renewal, Transformation, Freedom, Vitality, Transition, Luck, Cleverness, Intelligence, Playfulness, Wandering spirit, Incarnation, Apathy, Authority, Protection, Royalty, Shapeshifting, Shadows, Watchfulness, Psychism, Grace, Beauty, Adoration

Besides getting a Cat tattoo in memorial of a beloved pet there are many or there symbolisms that involve the cat. 

Many goddesses have feminine/lunar qualities which carry themes of: Fertility, Nurturing, Emotion and Intuition to name a few.

Artimis: (Greek): Lunar goddess associated with hunting, fertility and protector of the sacredness of Nature.
Diana (Roman): Also a moon goddess who help all wildlife and Nature as sacred. Governed the sacred act of the hunt.
Hecate (Greek): Goddess guardian of the sacred feminine, holder of magic knowledge, cycles, transition, shapeshifting
Bast (Egyptian): Solar goddess, fiercely protective of children and matron of childbirth, magic, ritual and sacred feminine
Freyja (Norse): Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, childbirth and good taste. Cats pulled her chariot.

Acient Celtics of thinking cats were considered the guardians of the Otherworld (or Underworld). Stoic, silent and mysterious, it's clear why cats make outstanding Otherworld guardians. They keep the secrets of the Otherworld eternally to themselves, as the gaze with guile upon a world that does not see or understand the depth of their knowledge. Astute, crafty and clever, cats were considered residents of Celtic mystic realms too. When invoked, cat energy can grant the caller a variety of insights regarding esoteric, ethereal knowledge. These powerful meanings in Celtic lore often play an important role in selecting cats for tattoos.

 In Japan, folk tales describe cats having the ability to walk between worlds. Other Japanese legends tell of cats joining forces with women to shift their behavior and demeanor. This tale seeks to explain woman's unpredictable, sometimes secretive nature.

Western European folklore also keeps record of cats aiding women in feats of shape-shifting. Early writings about witchcraft report cats always drawing close to women practicing witchcraft - they were called "familiars." The term refers to the ability to move as a cat does in otherworldly ways... shape-shifting or casting out magic by secret means - just as a cat often moves about in sleek, stealthy ways.