Dove Tattoos Symbolism

Symbolic Meaning Behind Dove Tattoos

Meanings of Dove Symbolism: Love, Hope, Faith, Truth, Peace, Trust, Purity, Guidance, Calmness, Protection, Inspiration, Spirituality, Redemption, Motherhood, Transcendence, Divine Messages, Virginal Qualities 

In Christianity, the dove is prominently featured with both Christ, and Mary. So we see the dove as a symbol of divine inspiration. The dove is also a symbol of faith and sacrifice. It's considered a noble attribute and portrays purity in faith.

In Arthurian legend the dove is depicted in art pertaining to King Arthur, it is synonymous with the Holy Grail. As a symbol of the Grail, the dove represents everlasting life, purity of intent and the vessel of higher knowing. 

From Christianity to Celtic myth, the dove seems to be a universal symbol of well-being and peace. It appears with Hachiman, a Japanese war god. It's alliance with this war monger deity marks a time of peace after battle.

The dove is a symbol of motherhood. It's associated with the Mother Mary, Ishtar and Aphrodite/Venus - all divine mothers of their time. Doves were fabled to have fed Zeus - a nutritive and motherly gesture. A little-known fact about doves is they produce a kind of milk to feed their fledgling young. It's an odd trait, but our ancestors recognized this unique ability of the dove and ever since, the dove has been a tantamount symbol of motherhood.