Feather Tattoo Symbolism

Symbolism of the Feather

Feather Symbolism Meanings: Higher mind, Freedom, Ascended thoughts, Enlightenment, Honor, Soul's journey, Dreams, Inspiration, Levitation, High spirit, Uplifting, Hope, Promise, Faith, Weightless, Purity, Truth, Magic, Spiritual messages, Flying high, Limitlessness, Transformation, Rejuvenation, Free spirit, Travel, Higher status

In most tribal wisdom, feather meanings deal with the power of birds. 

 Native Americans used feathers in ritual because they knew the spirit of the bird was represented by the feather. Bird spirits are extremely powerful in purifying the spirit and cleansing the energetic environment. Waving a feather over a sacred fire with pure intent is a way of uplifting the soul and expressing gratitude to bird spirits.

Native Americans relate to the feather as an embodiment of bird spirit. Eagle feathers had special meaning and were given to warriors as a tremendous honor of bravery and courage. It indicated nobility of the heart and allowed the recipient to take flight easily on journeying, both in a spiritual sense and a life-journey sense.

Native Americans as well as many other cultures associate feathers with communication. Feathers are often viewed as messages from the spirit world, and feather tattoos will convey powerful ideals about holy exchange. Indeed, many schools of thought believe seeing feathers on our path is a direct message from a loved one who has transitioned into the spirit side of life (deceased).

In Celtic symbolism and myth, Morrigan wore an intricate cloak of feathers (typically raven feathers) as a means to transform into a bird. Legend indicates her ability to shift into bird form allowed her higher reasoning, and a "bird's eye view" into spiritual realms. In this form she could also easily travel the earth and spy about on people of interest to her motives.

Egyptians believe a feather symbolizes the wisdom of the goddess Maat who is a matriarchal figure of truth and justice. During mummification, Anubis and Maat compared the weight of heart against the weight of the feather to determine the purity of the soul (and eligibility for the entrance into the Afterlife without consequence). If the heart was light as a feather, the soul was deemed pure and the spirit could move freely into further evolution.