Fire Tattoo Symbolism

Fire Symbolism Meanings

Meanings of fire: Power, Passion, Heat, Desire, Consumption, Energy, Transformation, Vitality, Sensuality

Often fire is used as an element within a tattoo, fire conveys concepts about conversion and transformation. Nothing comes away from fire unchanged. Fire transforms everything within its path. Fire alters the structure, function, appearance and even chemical compositions of everything it touches. This reminds me of the alchemical credo: Transmogrification.

With the alchemical phoenix, just when this regal bird is utterly consumed in flame, and we think its at the end of its cycle - it reemerges from its own ashes - transformed, renewed, purified.

Purification is a big symbolic bi-product of fire. Sterilization, cleansing - even baptismal concepts are associated with fire.

Countless ancient cultures have held fire as a symbol of hearth and home. From the home fires of Hestia burning a sense of welcome and warmth, to the bonfires of Belanus (Celtic god) marking victory in protecting the clans against encroaching warlords - fire is a clear symbol of keeping community together.

Fire reminds us of our passions - on a sexual level as well as spiritual levels. Flames are often depicted in ancient art to convey a sense of deep ardor (love) and burning desire. 

Astrological speaking, there are three fire signs within the western zodiac: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. This denotes a personality with fiery passion.