Knife Tattoo Symbolism

The Symbolic Knife

Knife Symbol Keywords: Authority, Skill, Revenge,Betrayal, Solitude, Sacrifice, Military duty/service, Strategy, Sharp Intellect,  Steely Resolve, Flawless Clarity, Singularity in Focus, Duality Pain, Ritual, Accomplishment, Freedom

Knife Tattoos often signify a lost love, and the knife conveys a cold, steely pain encountered with having been cut by the brutality of a lovers neglect or betrayal. In this scenario, we could also say a tattooed knife could symbolize a "cutting away" from a bad relationship - slicing through the trauma & difficulties caused by a lover and becoming liberated from the drama of a dysfunctional relationship.

A knife tattoo can express a feeling of sacrifice. This conveyance is ancient, and deeply rooted in many religious/spiritual sects in which sacrifices have been (and still are in some cases) practiced for eons.

In Buddhist symbology the knife often represents cutting the ties of materialism.

In the suit of swords in the Tarot. This suit represents challenges, usually wrought from mental nuances like doubt, fear, worry. We see a constant struggle to slice through confusion. The knife in these cards symbolizes the double-edged nature of the mind.