Rose Tattoo Symbolism

Rose Meaning for Tattoo Ideas

Rose Meanings: Honor, heart, devotion, purity, love, revelation, expansion, resurrection, beauty, divinity, victory, passion, balance, sensuality, spirituality, duality, romance, memory, secrets, vitality, trust, creativity

The rose is an incredibly powerful image whose symbolism transcends in elegant ways.

Roman - Honor the Fallen:
In the height of their time, roses and rose petals were strewn across the bodies and/or grave sites of soldiers. Red roses were used to symbolize blood shed for the Roman Empire. Red is associated with Mars, the god of war. It's also associated with Venus, goddess of love.

Greek - Erotic Creative Vision:
The rose is associated with heavy-hitters in Greek myth like Aphrodite , Hecate and Dionysus . We see themes of eroticism, mystery and sensuality in these Greek gods. Roses are symbolic of Erato's ability to pierce the heart of man with her intoxicating song and beauty. And so, your rose tattoo can woo the creative, sensual muse and goddess from within.

Rosicrucian/Alchemical - Unfolding Progress:
The rose is featured as a symbol of spiritual progress - an unfolding or blossoming to ever grander heights in human evolution. Traditional rosy crosses are multi-layered. The center section of the rose is symbolic of unity and reminds the observer that god is the glue of all life. Other layers will point to initiation and progress along the pilgrimage to enlightenment. 

Christian - Unblemished Bliss:
The rose often adorns the beloved Mary in Christian art as a symbol of purity, innocence, beauty, sacrifice and perfection. The "Rose of Sharon" is symbolic of the Church. Colors also play a part in rose meanings in Christian thought. White roses are symbolic of purification. Red roses serve as a memorial to the blood of the slain Christ