2 Female Tattoo Artists Worth A Mention

Female tattoo artists are still a rarity, especially those who own their own shops. Tattoo artists Kat Von D and Joy Fumore own their own shops; Von D's being LA Ink and Fumore's is Twelve 28 Tattoo. They call the shots. Fumore's and Von D's shop each consists of mostly women and one man. Coincidence? Before writing this post my intention was to place these two amazing tattoo artists against each other and compare their work; however, I have decided to simply put their work out there since both portfolios are amazing. Von D has tattooed Lady Gaga among other celebs. Fumore's shop is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn while Von D's is in Los Angeles, so no matter what coast you're on if you're in the market for an amazing tattoo then these women are for you.
Miss Kat Von D
Miss Joy Fumore